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February 3, 2013
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Huntress Wizard awoke, cold and covered in dried mud. She gave a brief shiver, and brushed off the dirt, before looking over to Jungle Princess's shelter. She walked a little closer, and saw that she was not there. She growled, and shouted out "Come on, you donk! Get back to camp!" She waited for a moment, noting the silence that followed. She let out another guttural growl, before looking around. She saw a clearing in front of her, and walked towards it.

She walked down further, and saw Jungle Princess lying on the ground. Her body was limp, and she was a paler shade of blue green than she should have been. A bit of purple foam dripped out from the side of her mouth. Huntress Wizard ran up to her, placing her hand on Jungle Princess's heart. She felt a light pulse, which eased her fear, but didn't eliminate it. She wrapped her arms around Jungle Princess, and hoisted her onto her shoulders. She ran all the way back to camp, before realizing that there was nothing she could do there.

She lost her normal cool attitude for a moment, panicking. She began to gasp, looking around wildly for anything that could assist her. Huntress Wizard finally calmed herself. This was a large jungle, surely someone would be able to help her. She wasn't quite sure if that line of thinking was born of hope, or denial, but still, she thought. She searched her brain for a way to find someone. She was unfamiliar with this jungle. There was one thing she could do, however. She placed Jungle Princess on the ground, gently. She then raised both of her hands into the air. A bit of purple energy gathered around them. The energy intensified, growing into a small, glowing purple orb.

The orb was fired from her hands into the sky, leaving behind a fiery purple trail. The orb exploded in a firework-like manner, forming out the words "Come here, need help" in sparkling letters. Huntress Wizard was more than aware that it could attract enemies, but she was more concerned about helping Jungle Princess. She realized that until someone came along, she would not be able to do anything. If she were to leave camp, whoever came to help them might think that she wasn't there. She could do nothing but sit while her ally was dying, while hoping that a miracle would come along. She was horrified, and shuddered at the thought of sitting on the moist, mossy ground for hours while more foam came from Jungle Princess's mouth, while she remained helpless. She calmed herself with a deep breath, and sat down besides the Princess.

An hour later, Huntress Wizard felt like she would go insane at any moment. The darkness began to swallow the daylight. Since she had no idea what poisoned Jungle Princess, she also didn't know how much time she had left. Perhaps it would take days. She would lay there, unable to do anything but suffer. Maybe killing her would be the best option. Huntress Wizard was beginning to scare herself. She yawned, but was still as full of panic as she was the moment she saw that her friend was dying.

Huntress Wizard could not find words to describe her relief as an elderly man walked into her camp, looking around. He called out "Hello, I heard you need help?" Huntress Wizard got to her feet and screamed out "Over here! My friend is sick!" the old man ambled over to Jungle Princess, and looked at her for a moment. "Looks like she ate some poisoned berries. Pretty severe too"

"Will she be okay?" Huntress Wizard said, her voice conveying actual sadness. She was surprised by how much she actually cared. She had already broken Jungle Princess's nose, she owed her this. The old man eyed her for a moment, before saying solemnly "I can say there's a good chance we can help her, if we do it fast enough"

"Alright, what can I do?" Huntress Wizard asked.

"Everything that I tell you to" he said, lifting up Jungle Princess onto his shoulders. "I have some herbs at my house that might be able to heal her. Just follow me" he said, walking out of the camp and onto the path. Huntress Wizard was impressed by his strength. Jungle Princess was slender, but solid. She wasn't exactly light. She put that on a mental list of things not to tell Jungle Princess when she woke up. After a few minutes of walking, the three had finally reached the old man's home. It was a small shack, made out of sticks. It smelled of spices. The scent was mystifying, and flooded Huntess Wizard with same bizarre, nostalgic thoughts. A few about her childhood friend, who turned into a butthole, but also a few about Princess Bubblegum, which she tried her best to banish.

The old man opened the door to his house, and laid Jungle Princess on the bed inside. He turned around calmly, and said to Huntress Wizard "Now, I'm sure you already know this, but there's something vital I have to tell you" he said, giving his white hair a flip. "I brought you and your friend her so that I could eat your brains. Nothing personal, brains are just tasty"

Huntress Wizard instinctively pulled out and arrow, but was unable to levitate it, for the old man had already taken a staff from the corner of the room, and used it to fire a pair of magical blue bolts at both of her arms. They arced through the air, before forming into restraints, pinning Huntress Wizard to the wall. He then used his staff to create a scalpel, which he held in his hand for a moment. He walked towards Jungle Princess slowly, raising the knife above his head, dramatically.

Huntress Wizard felt raging, burning fury inside of her. She was done being unable to help. She swung herself upwards, flipping herself upside down. She pushed her legs against the wall, breaking the restraints from the wall, and flinging Huntress Wizard forwards. She slammed into the old man with her feet, knocking him to the ground with a mildly sickening thud. He got to his feet swiftly, and picked up his staff once again. Huntress Wizard let out a full-on roar, and grabbed his staff out of his hand. She snapped it in half over her knee, and smashed the longer half into the side of his face. He looked a bitch scratched up, but not defeated. He grabbed a bottle of herbs off of his shelf, and unscrewed the cap. He threw the burning power into Huntress Wizard's eyes. Her reflexes were fast enough to allow her to raise her hand, and block some of it.

But, some of the power went into her eyes, blurring her vision. She saw the vague outline of the old man picking his scalpel up off the ground. Huntress Wizard raised her arm, and fired a wobbly ball of orange from her fingertips. It struck the old man in the stomach, knocking him to his knees. She raised her leg, and finished him off with a thunderous slap across the face. She wiped her eyes, improving her vision, but not removing any of the pain. She gazed upon Jungle Princess, and leaned down to her face. She whispered in her ear "I'm sorry, I'll fix this"
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: You are here
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